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Question directed at staff

Dieses Thema im Forum "Allgemeines Off-Topic" wurde erstellt von DeadlyFamous, 5. Juni 2016.

  1. DeadlyFamous

    DeadlyFamous Novice Crafter

    Dear reader,

    I had a question regarding sponsering Craften Terminal on a specific geographic client. On the teamspeak I was directed to this forum. What e-mail can I direct my question towards?

    Excuse me if this topic is in the wrong categorie, my understanding of the German language is very little haha.

    Thank you in advance for answering.

    Have a good day!

  2. computergott

    computergott Forenmoderator (Moderationsteam)

    I moved the thread to the right category. But I´m only the Mod. ;) Your subject is for @leMaik and @saschb2b
  3. LordSim0n

    LordSim0n Junior Crafter

    Hii DeadlyFamous,

    As far as I know, you can send your request to the e-mail address

    best regards
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  4. saschb2b

    saschb2b CEO Mitarbeiter


    glad to see your interest. You can contact us over at info@wertarbyte.com
  5. leMaik

    leMaik Administrator Mitarbeiter

    Hi DeadlyFamous,

    please get in touch with us by sending a mail to kontakt@wertarbyte.com (the other address suggested by @LordSim0n doesn't work atm).

    Kind regards

    Edit: @saschb2b Damn, 2 seconds late. :/